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Welshot Do Iceland Again – 2015 – They return

It is pretty much unbelievable that this time last week we were boarding Easyjet flight EZY 1805. None of us really knew what to expect from this years trip. Previous years had been similar in nature and in locations we visited, using the capital, Reykjavik, as the base from where all excursions departed.

This year it was more of a road trip. None of us really knew where we were staying and where we were going!!!

All I can say is Aron Reynisson did us proud. From the location of our first meal,which in true Welshot tradition, included Chips with the most tastiest fish (in a very nice light batter) to the very final meal in Reykjavik which was just brilliant (steak done properly - Rare!!). The scenery in between theses gastronomic delights wasn't bad either!!

Joan and Ted Reece proved yet again what troopers they really are. Nothing proved too difficult for them. Eirian did a great job of rallying the troops to help out when it was necessary. Even in conditions as below.....


photo courtesy of Ian J Fox.


We worked out when Joan was going to fall over or had fallen because she gave out the most delightful giggle which was usually followed by a "Whoopsie Daisy"

Joan Reece, Giggling away and cosy in the snow


From the outset the true Welshot spirit kicked in. We all helped each other out get the best from the experience. Kris and Eirian were brilliant as the Welshot leads. I know Lee & Eifion were quite worried about not being with us, they needn't have, we were all is safe hands. Aron also did the rounds checking up on us, making sure we didn't put ourselves in (too) much danger.

First night luck again with the Aurora, giving the newcomers Robert Cragg and Anneka Davies their first tastes of an Icelandic Aurora light show.   

photography courtesy of Kris Williams


Northern Lights

Aurora burst, corona of the lights

Aurora burst, corona of the lights

Northern Lights

Northern Lights

Second day, the highlight was seeing Kris' photograph on display at Uriddafoss. 


Proud Kris Williams at his photograph on display for the whole world to see. Pic courtesy of Eirian Parry


the off-roading. Our mission to get to a outlet glacier.

Cosy seating whilst off-roading

Conditions (as previous images show) were miserable near the glacial outcrop, but we soldiered on.

the team at the outlet glacier

the team at the outlet glacier


This was also the day Eirian and myself decided to mix our vodka drinks with Skittles and created our new Welshot drink, it gives you the warmth of the vodka, but the sugar rush from hell!!!!

Vodka skittle mix, pic courtesy of Eirian Parry


Day 3, another Glacier and another Aurora (ish)

Wow, was the word of the day. The glacier we visited the day before also caused us to use the same word but this one was double WOW!!

The above image is an outlet Glacier panorama, with our host Aron Reynisson in action.


We then had a quite tough-ish hike to find the "black waterfall". The pathway was mostly up hill and frequently covered in ice / frozen snow or sodden black mud. Ian did his mountain goat routine marching off up the hill at speed. We asked him how he did this, his response was a classic.....

"I stomp like a terminator that just wants a shit"

Both Eirian and myself just howled laughing.


Skaftafell, the black waterfall


Other highlights of the day, the Church at Hof and our first visit to Jökulsárlón.


The Church at Hof



Panorama of the Jökulsárlón Glacial Lagoon.



One of my final shots for the third day, a cloudy aurora.....

Cloudy Aurora


Fourth day highlights, the beach, the eclipse and ice caves.

We got stuck twice in the van on this day, but it added to the adventures we were having. Aron showed what a truly exceptional driver he really is and that even the best drivers can't always get away with pushing a vehicle to its limits.


a local farmer gets us out of a rut!!


The van survived though to carry us to our destinations .....


Sunrise at Jökulsárlón beach


Sunrise at Jökulsárlón beach


the peak of the eclipse


Aron inside the Black Hole icecave


Aron checks out the main icecave for safety


Inside the icecave


Reindeer near Stokksnes





The final full day....

The beautiful canyon Fjaòrárgljúfur......








The church at Vik


"Voyage" on the beach


Aron braves the waves at Vik

Aron braves the waves at Vik




The return to Reykjavik...... (previous years photo's)

Reykjavic Cathedral, Hallgrímskirkja

Reykjavic Cathedral, Hallgrímskirkja

Long exposure of the Sun Voyager

Long exposure of the Sun Voyager

Reykjavic Opera House

Reykjavic Opera House

The two poles

The two poles


And so to the goodbye, we left pretty early the next day to get back to Keflavik where our adventures began.

A short delay, but we were amused as we thought we had met Richie Roberts' brother from another mother!!!!


I've since spoke to Richie and he denies all knowledge!!

...... And so to goodbye to (N)Iceland.


flying back to the UK


Thanks to all who made this trip so exceptional...... in no particular order......

Aron Reynisson - Absolutely brilliant photographer / driver /guide & a new best Icelandic friend !!!

Kris Williams & Eirian Parry - Brilliant Welshot hosts, always up for a laugh (and drink!!)

Ian Fox - Excellent person to room with, even though we did keep each other awake with the snoring!! Just make sure he gets his tea in the morning!!

Sue Emery - "The Vegetarian", or as in the restaurants "Is it you whose different?" - Great, friendly and loves a drink!!!

Joan & Ted Reece - The "Troopers" no matter what was thrown at them they gave it a go!! Simply inspirational !!

Robert Cragg - The "Twitcher", he loved his birds of the feathered kind!! Very knowledgeable and great to listen to.

Anneka Davies - The "Newbie", quiet at first but OMG, the fun & mischievous Anneka came out when the Vodka started to flow!! { Cockgate 😉 }

Dan Santillo - Great as usual, so knowledgeable in the field of Landscapes, plus loves a drink !!!!



Once back home, there was only one way I was going to relax.......

a hot jacuzzi and a well earned screwdriver!!!


See you next year Iceland !!!!!!!



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