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Dolgoch Falls – 3rd April 2014

Yesterday we ventured out pretty early to get to Dolgoch Falls, deep in Snowdonia. The weather wasn't up to much and just about managed to get a few shots before the mist came down. We had arrived for an 8am start but as the weather wasn't that great we ventured off to find other places of interest.

Dolgoch Falls

Dolgoch Falls

Dolgoch Falls

Dolgoch Falls

Dolgoch Falls

Dolgoch Falls

Three car parks and a fry up later (in Bala), we gave in and made our way back home. I managed to get a few shots of Bala lake, but HDR tools came in handy for these.

Bala Lake

Bala Lake

Bala Lake

Bala Lake


Thanks to Dave Handley, Dave Hudson and Charmaine Harrison for the company on this outing.


Super Bennie Westwood’s Calendar 2014

Cover Image

Calendar Cover


Well the cat's finally been let out of the bag now, as its been announced and is now on sale !!! So I can now blog about it......

Earlier this year I was asked to get involved in a project which I had to keep secret (well secret-ish). Bennie, who has been a good friend for quite some time now, asked me to do the photography for the production of his Testimonial Calendar. When I say "he asked", more like I was told and I had no other option to do it !! (Damn you Debbie Hudson!).

For some reason in the Rugby League World, the players can't wait to get their kit off. The mere mention of the word calendar to one of them and they've stripped off before you've had a chance to ask them to pose for it!! Bennie wanted something different with this calendar, he wanted the nakedness ..... just not with the usual white backgrounds or photoshop'd images. Normally we'd do these shoots in a studio where it's nice and private (and warm!), this time we had no such privileges. Bennie had done a deal with the sponsors for each month of the calendar to have the images taken at their place of work - Nice one Bennie! To make matters worse, we would only have one hour or so to get set up and take the shot. I think it was fair to say no matter how much background research we did on the Sponsors, the locations and types of shot we'd expect, we really only had a short time slot to really prepare - usually just before the player got naked!

Emma Bryan (Hattie Boo Designs - and myself spent the best part of the last 3 months running around various locations in and around Warrington taking the pictures of the players, desperately trying to get the shots required with the best lighting possible, but also protecting the players modesty (some were some done in public view!) and preventing camera phone shots from onlookers getting onto Facebook/Twitter etc.

I think all the hard work and panic has proved it's worth, the calendar is now available to buy from the Warrington Wolves souvenir shop (Wolfware) at the Halliwell Jones Stadium, Calendar Club in the Golden Gates Shopping Centre Warrington. Its also available online from

The calendar features 13 of the current Warrington Wolves squad, each of them revealing quite a bit more than what you would normally see on the pitch! It's also a limited edition run, so once it's sold out there won't be anymore being produced.

Thanks to all the Sponsors, Players, Bennie's Testimonial Committee, Warrington Wolves and the man himself Bennie Westwood.


Primary Back Cover Image

Primary Back Cover Image



Lightroom 4.2 update released!

For all the photographers who use Adobe Lightroom, version 4.2 has now been released.

Hopefully this fixes the issues with the Canon 5D Mk3 !!


The Church of St. Thomas, Stockton Heath.


Work in progress for the biggest project I've ever taken on.


Queen’s Diamond Jubilee – Windsor 2012

Diamond Jubilee Pageant


Nice Friday job.

I hate it when a job like this comes in and I'm on a diet!

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