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Pixelstick is here!!

I originally saw an advert for Pixelstick about this time last year. The hardware is the genius of BitBanger labs in the U.S. and the whole project was funded on the kickstarter website. Over 2000 people supported the project and the finally the finished hardware is here and ready to use!!

I just thought it would be a fun thing to have and a great addition to use on the odd occasion when I help out my good friends at Welshot Imaging. We plan on using it for their next low light photography evening in Manchester. More details of this event can be found here.

There's only so much waving of flash lights and L.E.Ds you can do before light painting becomes a little bit boring, with Pixelstick, a whole new dimension of light painting is possible. Pixelstick allows you to light paint using pictures, shapes and when combined with movement and a long camera exposure, creates a light projection in your image on camera.

Simple Windows bitmap images (24 bit BMP) can be loaded into the hardware by SD card and from there its a relatively painless procedure to paint your image. You simply use the controller to select the image and then set your  camera to bulb mode, hit the shutter button and then move to your starting position (so much easier if someone else does this bit!). Simply press the FIRE button on the Pixelstick controller and start to walk across the image or spin the pixelstick.

The images below are tests, forgive me these were done on my own so they aren't very good but they give an idea of what can be achieved.


Pixelstick attached to a lightstand and spun to allow the pattern to be made


Second attempt with Pixelstick attached to a light stand.


Third attempt with Pixelstick attached to a light stand with a slightly different pattern.


One of the images provided by BitBanger labs to test


Another image provided by BitBanger Labs.


A bit more of how it should be done to at least contain a backdrop etc.

The Welshot Logo ready to roll!!

The Welshot Logo ready to roll!!


Its simple to use, but you really do need some help using the hardware as it becomes a bit much doing all the setup and motion yourself. Its also about 6ft in height when assembled so sufficient space to use the hardware is required. Learning to get the motion speed correctly also takes a few goes, but it soon becomes second nature.

I'll post more images once I've really got the hang of how to use it properly, but I'm quite impressed. Whether or not its a fad only time will tell, but it does allow some fun to come back into photography.

More information on Pixelstick can be found here.


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