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Dolgoch Falls – 3rd April 2014

Yesterday we ventured out pretty early to get to Dolgoch Falls, deep in Snowdonia. The weather wasn't up to much and just about managed to get a few shots before the mist came down. We had arrived for an 8am start but as the weather wasn't that great we ventured off to find other places of interest.

Dolgoch Falls

Dolgoch Falls

Dolgoch Falls

Dolgoch Falls

Dolgoch Falls

Dolgoch Falls

Three car parks and a fry up later (in Bala), we gave in and made our way back home. I managed to get a few shots of Bala lake, but HDR tools came in handy for these.

Bala Lake

Bala Lake

Bala Lake

Bala Lake


Thanks to Dave Handley, Dave Hudson and Charmaine Harrison for the company on this outing.


Morning visitor



One of this morning visitors to the new house. The cheek of it, we've only just moved in and it looks like this fox and his pal are squatting in the garden.

Quite nice to actually get my camera out this year!!

This little fella looked so content sunbathing, but boy it was cold - How the heck am I going to survive Iceland at the weekend??


Another photoshoot in the bag

I was approached recently by a good friend to 'tackle' (sorry Rugby pun) some photography for the launch of the new Warrington Wolves Rugby League team's 2013 Season kit. Brookson are the principle sponsors this year and they wanted some publicity shots for their website and associated publications etc.

The main shot involved 'creating' a team shot with around 175 of Brookson staff wearing the new shirt. The only gotcha was that only half the amount of staff would be available at separate shoots, how the heck was I going to produce this? Thank Adobe for Photoshop CS!!

Two separate images were taken, this is the result.....

Brookson Team Shot

For more information about Brookson visit their website:


The Church of St. Thomas, Stockton Heath.


Work in progress for the biggest project I've ever taken on.


Weekend Garden Visitors

Just a few of the photographs taken of the various visitors to the garden over the weekend.


Ever felt like you’re being watched?

This little moggy was watching me whilst I tried to take a picture of a section of the Pyrénées. I almost fell into a ditch that was just in front of the grass in the foreground.

The people who wanted the picture of the Mountains wondered what the hell I was doing as they were sat in the nice warm car and couldn't see this fellow.


Outside the W hotel, Barcelona

Outside the W Hotel, Barcelona, Spain

Outside the W Hotel, Barcelona, Spain.



Adobe Lightroom 4.1 RC1

Adobe Lightroom 4.1 RC1 is now available. Its not a full release of the updates but at least it solves a few of the niggles that shouldn't have been in the released version of Lightroom 4.

Most importantly (for me) is the support for Canon 5d mark III files.

As this is a release candidate, Adobe won't support it, but I'm now running it in production (until the official launch) and it seems ok to me.

Details and download can be found here:

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