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Lightroom 5.4 now available, with iPad version


Just released last night, an updated version of Lightroom which covers the usual bug fixes and lens profile updates. However, now if you're a Adobe Cloud subscriber you can utilise the power of your iPad and use Lightoom mobile.

The ability to sync images between your pc/mac and iPad has just become easier. Allowing you to use your iPad as a portfolio.

Downloads for Lightoom 5.4 are here:

Windows –

Mac –

Adobe Lightroom mobile download:



Lightroom 4.2 update released!

For all the photographers who use Adobe Lightroom, version 4.2 has now been released.

Hopefully this fixes the issues with the Canon 5D Mk3 !!


Weekend Garden Visitors

Just a few of the photographs taken of the various visitors to the garden over the weekend.


Adobe Lightroom 4.1 RC1

Adobe Lightroom 4.1 RC1 is now available. Its not a full release of the updates but at least it solves a few of the niggles that shouldn't have been in the released version of Lightroom 4.

Most importantly (for me) is the support for Canon 5d mark III files.

As this is a release candidate, Adobe won't support it, but I'm now running it in production (until the official launch) and it seems ok to me.

Details and download can be found here:


Adobe Lightroom 4

Anybody thinking about upgrading from Lightroom 3 to Lightroom 4 in the near future?

Hold off ! - unless you decide to start a fresh and choose to build up a new catalog.

There has been some posts on various blogs, support sites etc, and it now appears there may be a bug in the upgrade process - especially if you use the Tone curve graph to make edits to your shots. When you convert the image to use the new Lightroom 4 enhancements, Lightroom will default the curve back to default. This doesn't seem to affect the parametric curve, only the tone one.

Fortunately I kept a backup of my lightroom 3 catalog - so just be aware !!

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