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Morning visitor



One of this morning visitors to the new house. The cheek of it, we've only just moved in and it looks like this fox and his pal are squatting in the garden.

Quite nice to actually get my camera out this year!!

This little fella looked so content sunbathing, but boy it was cold - How the heck am I going to survive Iceland at the weekend??


The Church of St. Thomas, Stockton Heath.


Work in progress for the biggest project I've ever taken on.


Weekend Garden Visitors

Just a few of the photographs taken of the various visitors to the garden over the weekend.


Ever felt like you’re being watched?

This little moggy was watching me whilst I tried to take a picture of a section of the Pyrénées. I almost fell into a ditch that was just in front of the grass in the foreground.

The people who wanted the picture of the Mountains wondered what the hell I was doing as they were sat in the nice warm car and couldn't see this fellow.


Outside the W hotel, Barcelona

Outside the W Hotel, Barcelona, Spain

Outside the W Hotel, Barcelona, Spain.


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