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Day 3 – Iceland Trip 2014 – Monster Truck outing

I promise to update this as soon as possible, but I did the typically un-Welshot thing of forgetting to take out the right memory card out of my camera which my laptop will accept!! So expect a Day 3.5 update before the Day 4 one tomorrow!! (it'll be a late night tomorrow anyway as we have all been warned by Lee to expect so!)

We set off today from the base camp in these massive trucks, like a Range Rover Vogue but on steroids. Lee has already posted pics of the day, so I'll leave mine until the 3.5 update. Typically though, Lee arranged our group, which consisted of Joan & Ted, Rachel, James, Richie, Lee and myself to be in one truck, the others in the other truck........... Guess whose truck started making funny noises and then proceeded to bank into a 3 foot (plus) hole in the ice! Yep, OURS !!

The Ice Hole !

The Ice Hole !

Luckily our trusted driver Ágúst knew what to do ! He arranged a replacement vehicle and got us out of the pit.

Taken whilst waiting for the Truck to get out of the hole

Taken whilst waiting for the Truck to get out of the hole

Its been another fantastic outing today. All the Welshot crew were in their element - We visited Geo-thermal steam vents, Geo-thermal power plant (for Tea, Coffee and beer for me - I am on my holidays!), Off road snow driving and finally a visit to the beach !! The beach was a typically Volcanic beach with black sand - people really had a go at me when I described Iceland as being like Tenerife but colder - I think its actually fair to say Iceland is really like Tenerife, its an Island, its volcanic, its got a volcano, its got black sand, it has the same time line as Britain, and you can still get a tan! (although here its caused by the wind and snow). The one thing Iceland hasn't got (and in my opinion) in its favour, are all the typical Brit bars and dirty cheap beer. The National beer here is Gull and it knocks spots off Dorada! - I should know I drank enough of both in my time!!

I'll do a 3.5 update tomorrow. Hopefully we'll have some Aurora pictures tomorrow for Day 4 update as we're off to the South shore. We have decided to stay out late if its favourable for an Aurora show.

Fingers crossed.

Apologies for the lack of pics today .... I will remedy this tomorrow!



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