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The NEW Canon EOS 5D Mk III – it’s arrived!


Canon EOS 5D Mark IIIWell, its the camera I've been waiting for ever since seeing a colleagues 5D Mark II. Thanks to Park Cameras (, I'm one of the early receivers of the lens kit pack. They really did exceed my expectations of a supplier and find their service second to none!!

It's early days yet (I had a bit of a false start with the unit - but thats resolved now). I suppose I was a little apprehensive to unbox the unit at first. My EOS 7D has served me well and is in no way going to be retired any time soon. As more Studio work comes in, I needed to have a second camera which I can use on the go. The trusted 7D will now become the studio work horse.

Early tests of the EOS 5d mk 3  have really impressed me.  Although the menu interface has altered, its still intuitive to a regular Canon SLR user.  A lot of the controls are similar to the 7D and in no time I'd managed to work my way around the options and set up the camera how I wanted. I had a quick play with the new HDR option, multiple exposure shots, ISO expansion (down to ISO 50 !) and I have to say I think I'm going to enjoy this new beastie.

I'll be posting some of the new shots soon as I'll be using the unit on some upcoming shoots with a very good colleague (Mr Wilson!) in the not too distant future - it'll probably involve a certain brand of sports car and the Yorkshire Moors 😉

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