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It’s a Knockout with Stuart Hall

Thanks to everyone who showed up for the It's a Knockout fun day. It was a fantastic day, even though it rained throughout.

Stuart Hall was an amazing guy to meet, really nice guy and full of fun - Everything you would expect from him really, a true legend!!

More pictures can be seen at


Another Jon Clarke Event

I'm down at Leigh Golf Club on photographic duties again today. Jon has his latest event today - Golf Day.

To me it seems like a good long walk spoilt, but I'm sure it will be a great day (if not very long). I'm also serving drinks - but hopefully I get to drive a golf buggy !!

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Ferrari Manchester

Back at Ferrari Manchester today. I'm updating their corporate profiles to appear on

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More Card Stock

Spent most of the week adding stock to the card portfolio. Really enjoyed it as it gave me the chance to play with my new(ish) lens-baby glass. It's been sat in its box since getting back from Tenerife at New Year - but I'm really impressed with what results you can get, its a bit fiddly at first but some of the results are really effective.

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Fantastic Night Out!

Well to mark the opening of the blog, I thought I'd put out a nice pic of a great night out I recently had. No real reason, other than a general reminder that meeting up with your old and closest friends means the world sometimes and makes you realise you always have people to fall back on.

True Friends


Right, thats the mush out of the way ...... on with the blog!

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Hello world!

Well I suppose it had to happen, the whole world (particularly Photography) is going blog crazy. I'll not be only posting photography stuff. I'll be using this as a kind of diary / blog / showcase area - letting those close to me what I've been up to and where.

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